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Bird Mite Infestation: Removal and Prevention

What Are Bird Mites?

Apart from termites and rodents, bird mites can also be a problem in your home, especially when you are located in areas that are near the habitats of birds. Bird mites are parasitic organisms that feed mainly on birds; the females require blood for reproduction. However, when the birds die or a nest is abandoned, the mites will search for a new source of food – they can resort to feeding on mammals, including humans.

Health Threats of Bird Mites

Although bird mites don’t necessarily feed on human blood, they can still try to bite and live on your skin. This can cause intense itchiness and red bumps may start to appear. Bird mites usually infest areas where humans sleep and relax, which includes the bedroom and bathroom. One particular problem with bird mites is that, although you can feel something crawling on your skin or body, you might actually find it difficult to really see them because of their size. Oftentimes, you might feel a sudden prick on your skin and not find anything, except for a reddened bump after a little while. The bite can take longer to heal than a mosquito bite.

Getting Rid of Bird Mites

Bird mite infestations are not permanent as they will need to find a new host; however, it can extend for several months if not managed immediately. Our team at Defence Pest Management provides effective pest control that homeowners can trust. We will first inspect your property to find out if there is any bird mite infestation, then our specialists will remove these infestations. We will help you determine whether there are nearby bird nests in your surroundings that can be a possible cause of future infestations. And if there are other types of pest infestation in your home, we can also help you get rid of them.

Keeping the Bird Mites Out

Defence Pest Management may devise a plan so that you can avoid further infestation, whether by bird mites or other pests such as termites, ants, silverfish or carpet beetle. As a homeowner, you should also make sure that your home is not an inviting place for birds to create their nests. Make sure that there are no openings on your roof and that roof voids are not used by birds as their nesting place. Areas such as window ledges and outdoor furniture where birds roost should be cleared and cleaned to prevent bird mite infestation.


How to Control Bird Mites

Mites are a diverse group of arachnids, closely related to spiders and scorpions. There are many types of mites namely dust mites, bed mites, house mites, scabies mites, spider mites, clover mites, bird mites and harvest mites. Bird mites usually affect the birds and are generally found in the exteriors but in the absence of bird hosts, they can find their way into your home and affect your family. Termite control, therefore, is important to be carried out inside and outside homes to ensure these termites do not infest and affect your pets and family.

Bird mites are the pests that live in wild and domestic birds. They usually stay in the bird’s nests. If a bird dies or leaves the nest, the mites seek other hosts, including humans. Even though the bird mites cannot reproduce using human hosts and do not pass diseases by their bites, they can cause severe irritation for which sometimes the treatments may take months. Bird mites can also be transferred from outside birds to your pet birds and other pet animals. Keep a check on these pets for any signs of scratching and loss of feathers. These are some tips to get rid of bird mites:

  • Remove any empty nests and dead birds around home.
  • Vacuum all rooms of the house including furniture and upholstery. Freeze the vacuum bag to ensure that the mites are dead. Once frozen fasten in a plastic bag and throw it away.
  • Use disinfectants and insecticides regularly and wipe away all surfaces using paper towels. Dispose of these towels in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Bird mite infections must be treated immediately after suspecting. Since these infections can be confused with other insect infections, correct diagnosis and treatment is important. Usually daily bathing with the use of Epsom salts is suggested along with a prescription of anti-itch medication.

Bird mites are very tiny creatures and cannot be easily seen with the naked eye. Inspection companies use a number of techniques and equipment to correctly identify their presence in the house and take appropriate and thorough eradication measures. They will generally use tenting and fumigation for this purpose. Another process is to fog the home. This involves the use of chemicals to kill the mites.

A proper inspection is essential for controlling bird mites. When the termite damage has been exposed, conduct pest inspections immediately. With the help of well executed termite control plans, huge losses can be prevented.