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Is Spot Wood Treatment Effective For Drywood Termites?

With the different types of termites and their varying nesting habits, it is necessary to use various methods of pest control to get rid of them. The location and degree of infestation is also a factor our technicians at Defence Pest Management take into consideration read more

Preventing Bird Mite Infestation Through Good Housekeeping

When spring season once again begins, so will the birds start to build their nests and invite the mites. Bird mites are among those pests whose population can rapidly grow. They can directly affect humans through their bites, which can lead to allergic reactions. When birds read more

Why Your DIY Approach Won’t Kill The Roach

Cockroaches are definitely a nuisance in the house. Who would ever want to live with these pests inside their home? Being nocturnal creatures, you may not even see them until the skies are dark, but at first sight, you will just want to get rid of them. You might even be tempted read more

What The Silverfish Could Be Doing In Your Bookshelf Or Closet

Silverfish are wingless insects with a scaly, silvery appearance and a tapered body. Their colour is usually metallic light grey or blue and they have three appendages on the rear section of their abdomen. Most of these insects do not grow longer than one inch. Silverfish are read more

Dealing With Red Back Spiders On Your Property

Apart from termites, ants, cockroaches and fleas, another common pest problem that property owners report to us at Defence Pest Management relates to spiders. While termites are known to cause damage to structures and ants cause a nuisance by foraging food supplies, read more

What to Do When You Get Stung by Bees

If you own a garden, or if your property is surrounded with woody areas and greenery, there is a possibility that bees are a part of your neighbourhood. While bees play an important role in the environment, we’ve encountered many clients at Defence Pest Management complaining read more

Ant Species That Might Be Living In Your Home Right Now

Australia is a home to more than a thousand ant species, some of which are known to be pests. These critters gain access to homes, as well as other types of establishments, through crevices or from underground while they are in search for food and a breeding ground for their read more

Barrier System And Baiting Methods For Eradicating White Ants

White ants, or termites, are undeniably one of the most destructive pests that can invade any type of property. For as long as there are cellulose-based materials found in your home, including wooden furniture and timber that white ants can feed on, then there is always a risk read more

What You Will Find In Comprehensive Reports

When a pest inspection is carried out by Defence Pest Management, a comprehensive report will be provided as a reference on the findings of our inspector. Comprehensive inspection reports are given to clients so you will have a detailed overview of what to expect if you purchase read more

Eliminating Destructive Termites Through Monitoring And Baiting Treatments

Termites may be very tiny creatures, but their damage can be huge if they are not immediately discovered and eliminated. The problem with termite infestations is that, the little critters can keep their colony and their damage hidden, usually only discovered once the damage read more

How Pest Inspection Services Can Help You Build Trust

Whether you are a property manager, real estate agency or individual property investor, you know how important it is to maintain a property. Keeping it free from infestations and structural damages is a crucial measure in ensuring that the property maintains its highest value, read more

Getting Rid of Termites And Ensuring They Don't Come Back

If your home, or even just a part of the structure consists of wooden materials, then you know your property is at great risk for termite infestation. Even just your wooden furniture; bookshelves filled with books and magazines and the pile of boxes in your storage is already read more

Preventing Fleas in Your Dog and Your Home

If you are a dog owner, you know how susceptible your home can be to ticks and fleas. Your pet is a favourite host of ticks and fleas because your dog’s fur makes it easy for them to hide and feed. If your furry friend is constantly outdoors, fleas may be in the grass read more

Avoid Getting Stung By Bees

How lovely it is walking around your garden, gazing at the blooming flowers and observing the butterflies as they come by. Well, not until you hear some buzzing sound coming your way and realising that a bee (or a group of them) is seemingly headed into your direction. The classic read more

How to Safely Remove Ticks

Although ticks are commonly associated with pets as their hosts, even humans are vulnerable to these blood-sucking creatures. But even if you don’t own a pet, you can be a host to ticks. In fact, at Defence Pest Management, we have had clients who don’t own pets read more

Dealing with Rats in Your Home

Rats and mice are undeniably a nuisance for homeowners. Not only do they bother you with their noisy movements when running around the ceiling, they may also attack your food storage, and cause damage to property. Rats, most especially, can chew on books, newspaper, clothes read more

Preventing Ticks From Invading Your Home

You have probably often heard about ticks in pets; however, did you know that humans are also hosts to these pests? That’s right. Ticks can climb on you, find a protected spot and feed by sinking their mouthparts into your skin. What Are Ticks? Ticks are bloodsucking read more

Getting Rid Of Flies To Avoid Illnesses

Although our team members at Defence Pest Management have dealt with all sorts of pests, flies always top the list of the most annoying pests for homeowners. Most people would probably agree, since their year-round visits to your home might send you endlessly swatting left and read more

Responsibilities Every Tenant Should Know

If you are renting a property, it is important to understand your responsibilities as a tenant. Before entering into an agreement with your landlord, you must have read all the terms and policies that come with renting a property because, while there are general rules for renting, read more

Flea Infestation in Homes Without Pets

Fleas at home? They are just a pet owner’s problem. This is a common statement our team at Defence Pest Management occasionally hear. Some homeowners think that flea infestation is only possible if you have pets at home and that it isn’t a concern if you don’t read more

Tips for Reducing Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches are definitely among the most common pests to ever invade the home. This coming hot summer season, you can expect these insects to once again attempt a takeover of your beloved property. There are ways for you to minimise or completely eliminate occurrence of cockroach read more

Asthma - Epidemic or Situation Created

More and more of our children are being diagnosed with asthma. The doctors tell us this is an incurable disease and it certainly may appear this way. Yes, there are medications available to help sufferers of this life threatening disease but it is important to educate yourself read more

Things You Are Doing That Invite Termites into Your Home

You’d agree that termites are uninvited guests in your home, and that includes all parts of your property, whether it’s the exteriors or interiors. But while you may have made the extra effort to be certain that your property is free from termites prior to your acquisition read more

Bird Mite Infestation: Removal and Prevention

What Are Bird Mites? Apart from termites and rodents, bird mites can also be a problem in your home, especially when you are located in areas that are near the habitats of birds. Bird mites are parasitic organisms that feed mainly on birds; the females require blood for reproduction. read more

Defending Real Estate Properties Against Pests

If you are a property investor, a property manager or agent, then you should know the importance of pest inspections before you invest in a property. At Defence Pest Management, we can provide you with vital information you need to know about the property you are eyeing to invest read more

Dealing with Pests in Autumn

While you relaxingly sit in the living room after enjoying a satisfying dinner one autumn night, you suddenly hear some strange movements in the kitchen. Then there's the sound of the fork falling into the sink – but there's no one around – so you quickly get up read more

Don't Let Termites Take You Down

“You have termites” is a sentence that no home owner wants to hear. There are two types of termites that can be found in Queensland homes, but in this article we will concentrate on the more common of the two, the Subterranean termite. These are also known as white read more

The DIY Mistakes That Insect Pests Just Love

In a country as termite-prone as Australia, it still defies belief that homeowners know very little about the habits and life cycle of these destructive little creatures. In suburb after suburb throughout the country, do- it- yourself gardeners are actively creating the very read more

Effective Pest Detection Through Thermal Imaging

Technology plays a major role in everyday modern life. Businesses take advantage of technological breakthroughs to make their service offerings more efficient and more reliable. When it comes to pest detection, thermal imaging technology is the top technological innovation. If read more

Don't Lose Your Sale Contract Because of Termites

There are few events more disturbing to householders than finding that their property is infested with termites. Emotionally, this discovery ranks right up there with losing the roof during a severe storm or being flooded. However, the recovery period can take much longer because read more

Get Rid of Pests with the Best

In Australia we can suffer a great many uninvited guests into our homes. Rats, birds, termites and lice are just a few of the nasty pests we can be faced with but thankfully, there is an efficient pest control team you can count on. At Defence Pest Management, we have a highly read more

Cockroach Breeding Cycle

We all know that insects breed quickly so it will come as no surprise to you to learn that the average lifespan of a cockroach of any breed is between 8 and 12 months. A female will usually lay about 30 batches of eggs with each batch containing approximately 10 to 40 eggs. That’s read more

Property – An Ongoing Investment

Many of us have awoken to the fact that property investment is a sure fire, long-term solution to financial freedom. It is not just the big tycoons who are putting their money into property. Mum and dad investors are also multiplying across the country. As the title suggests, read more

Pest Inspections on Existing Properties

Many homeowners become complacent and forget about having their homes regularly inspected for pest infestation. Unbeknownst to them, pests are slowly chipping away at the foundations of their homes. Pesky critters such as termitesare big threats to the structural soundness of read more

Things You Should Know About Mites

Dust mites are perhaps the best-known mite among the tens of thousands of species of mites that have been identified. Mites are small arthropods belonging to the subclass Acari (or Acarina) and the class Arachnida. The primary habitats of dust mites are beddings and mattresses, read more

Watch Out for Termite Infestation

Termites, commonly known, particularly in Australia, as white ants, belong to a group of eusocial insects. Being eusocial insects like bees and ants, termites live in colonies or nests, which can house from several hundred to several million individual termites. An average colony read more

Fleas in your Home

Fleas are external parasites that are shiny and reddish brown in colour. Although they do not have wings, fleas have the ability to jump long distances. Your cat or dog can bring fleas into your home, but so can you. While working in the yard, fleas can jump on you and ride read more

Build Your Own Stink Bug Traps

A stink bug trap is an effective way to eliminate stink bugs, also known as the brown marmorated stink bug. The traps are inexpensive and easy to make at home. It is important to get rid of these insects immediately because they emit a horrible odour. Their ability to emit read more

Controlling Pests in the Home

Termites are an insidious problem in Australia today – just because your home doesn’t have any yet, doesn’t mean that they can’t move in at any time. Defence Pest Management will help provide you with a start to finish solution when it comes to termites read more

Taking on Termites

Having any kind of pest in your home is, at best, a nuisance. Termites, however, can prove to be a real threat to the structural integrity of the home. Termite control is essential to keep these destructive insects in check. What are Termites? Termites, also known as white read more

Termite Detecting Dogs

When it comes to sniffing out problems, properly trained dogs are detection experts that have no equal. With over two hundred thousand extremely sensitive olfactory nerves, dogs can detect and differentiate between a vast range of smells. Termite Dogs In a similar fashion read more

Importance of Regular Termite Treatments

Termites are considered to be among the most destructive pests that can ever attack a home or a building. These pests can go undetected while completely destroying structures and parts of the house, particularly those made of timber. At the first indication of termite presence read more

Cockroaches – Unwelcome Guests

Not many people are immune to the creepiness of the common household cockroach. There is something about the way they scuttle about and lurk – no one who has had a cockroach run across their hands argues about the need to keep them out of the home. Cockroach Basics Cockroaches read more

Beating Silverfish

Silverfish have been around for a very long time and they have been a pest to man for centuries now. This wingless pest is usually a silver gray and tends to move in a swimming motion. It favours damp and humid conditions and is mainly nocturnal. It generally doesn’t carry read more

Carpet Pest Infestations: What You Need to Know

There are two types of common carpet pests that can cause major damage in your home: the carpet beetle and the clothes moth. Both of these carpet pests feed on fibres of animal origin such as wool, fur, silk, feathers, and leather. While these carpet pests typically avoid synthetic read more

Top Tips For Preventing Cockroaches

In Brisbane, cockroaches are probably the most despised - and most abundant - pests that invade the home. If you already have a cockroach problem, then your best bet is to hire on a pest control company to help you with the problem. If you don't have a problem with cockroaches, read more

Treating Your Home for Subterranean Termites

The Problem  Subterranean termites can cause enormous damage to both residential and commercial structures. These insects have become more popular due to alterations in building design, chemical use limitations and various types of construction materials. These can encourage read more

Pests In Your Roof? Here's What To Do

Since they are dry and warm, roofs are often very popular places for pests to hunker down and make themselves at home. If you've been hearing the telltale scurrying and pitter-patters of small animal feet overhead, then there's a very good chance that you have a problem in your read more

Household Pest Control: How to Manage Flies

Flies are a common household pest which may require pest management services year round. These household pests are not only a nuisance and annoyance to both humans and animals, but they also pose a serious health threat. This is because flies live and feed on things such as read more

Australia's Ants: Friend or Foe?

Research indicates that there are approximately 15,000 species and subspecies of ants worldwide, and Australia is home to about 15 percent of these various ant species. Ants can be found in every state and territory in Australia. Some of the more familiar ants in Australia include read more

Pest Inspector: Your Solution To Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, non-flying insects that live in the cracks and crevices of homes, apartments, motels, and hotels. Because bed bugs feed by sucking blood from humans or animals, these places of abode provide bed bugs with plentiful food sources. Humans are these pests preferred read more

Ticks: A Nuisance to Humans and Animals

Ticks are a pest that many people wrongly refer to as insects. These animals are actually more closely related to arachnids, which include species such as spiders, mites, and scorpions. Ticks can present health hazards to both humans and animals on a couple of levels. Ticks read more

Lice: A Common Infestation

A type of wingless parasitic insect, lice are scavengers that feed on the sebaceous secretions, blood, skin, or other type of debris found on their host's body. Approximately three species of lice affect humans, but animals can host up to fifteen various lice species. Typically, read more

Silverfish: How to Rid Your Home of These Unwanted Pests

Silverfish are small, wingless insects that are usually shiny, silver or pearl gray that vary in size from 15mm to 25mm. These insects can cause serious damage within one's home. The silverfish's diet consists of carbohydrates such as sugar or starches, and these insects will read more

Treating Flea Infestations in the Home

When a flea infestation occurs in a home, treating this infestation will require more than bathing the family pets with flea treatment and purchasing flea collars. While these steps will be helpful, more serious, involved treatment of the home will be necessary. Treating both read more

The Inside Story on Biting Midges

The Problem Insects can often be a persistent problem for homeowners, in many cases causing a variety of issues that have to be dealt with by professionals. In some instances, the problem is simply a nuisance due to biting and skin irritation. Biting midges, or sandflies, can read more

Dealing with Clothes Moths

The Problem There are a number of insects that can be a nuisance to you and your home. One of these is the Clothes Moth, which has a particular love of certain fabrics and other materials that are found in your house. Knowing how to recognise and control of these pests can read more

The Inside Story on the German Cockroach

The Problem When you find that you have cockroaches in your home, you not only have a bug problem, but also a potential health problem starting as well. These bugs carry numerous parasites and other organisms that are left behind when they defecate. Once they get settled into read more

The Danger with Fire Ants

Keeping pests under control is an everyday task. In addition to termites, one of the most annoying pests would have to be the ant – in particular, the Fire Ant. The presence of the red fire ant was first discovered in 2001, which caused a lot of uneasiness within the communities. read more

Tips for Getting Rid of Fleas

Having blood sucking fleas in the house or flea eggs lying on your floor waiting to hatch can be a nightmare. Fleas are a common problem in many households and yet, not many people know how to deal with flea infestation in homes. There are several measures that can be taken read more

How to Protect Your Home from Drywood Termites

Pest and termite control can be a daunting task for most homeowners. There are many types of pests and termites that can attack and damage the wooden structure as well as any exterior timber material. Drywood termite is one such type that is named so because it attacks read more

Measures to Control Booklice

Pest control is almost as old as agriculture. Termites can detect the smallest of the gaps to enter a building. Termites can cause immense damage to the building structure as well as many articles of use. The problem of termites can be overcome by using some simple methods used read more

How to Keep the Red Back Spiders at Bay

Red back spider, a well known dangerous species, resembles and is a close relative of the black widow spider. It belongs to genus Latrodectus or the widow family of spiders which can be found all over the world. Red back spiders are widespread in urban areas and commonly found read more

How to Control Bird Mites

Mites are a diverse group of arachnids, closely related to spiders and scorpions. There are many types of mites namely dust mites, bed mites, house mites, scabies mites, spider mites, clover mites, bird mites and harvest mites. Bird mites usually affect the birds and are generally read more

Getting Rid of White Tailed Spiders

White tail spiders have been affecting many people in Australia and most of these people resulted in hospital admissions. This species of spiders is a native of Australia and is also a predator of other spiders. These are different from other types of spiders as they do not read more

How to Get Rid of Wasps

Wasps are commonly feared for their vicious sting. Homeowners are always concerned for the removal of these creatures for more safety especially for young children in the house. Different types of wasps have different types of stings and therefore, different methods are required read more

Make Your Home Free From Pests

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. They primarily feed on wood, but also damage paper, books, insulation, and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems. Besides the monetary impact, thousands of winged termites emerging inside one's home are an emotionally read more

Termite Control Treatment in Homes

Termites, also sometimes referred to as ‘white ants’, have over 350 species in South East Queensland and about 20 of these can damage timber in the houses. Wood is their food and they tend to build their nests in any wooden structure. This means that termites can read more

How to Control Hazards of Huntsman Spiders

Huntsman spiders are generally non-aggressive creatures that rarely bite humans. The female is known to be more aggressive than the male huntsman spiders but that usually happens when she feels threatened about her eggs. The bite by huntsman spiders can be quite painful and read more

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Having pests in the house is a very common problem in most parts of Australia. There are many different types of pests and termites. These tiny creatures can easily creep inside homes even through the tiniest of cracks. Pests and termites can become a real nuisance if proper read more

Get Pest Inspections Before The Winter Season

As the temperature drops, there is an increased chance of having pests and termites in the house. Just like humans and pets, they are also looking for a cosy and warm place to reside in the winters. Pest inspections and termite control measures in Brisbane become very important read more

New and Improved Techniques of Termite Detection

Presence of pests and termites in houses can be a nuisance for residents and, in some cases, a great threat to their health. These tiny creatures can make their way inside any home very easily and if effective detection and eradication measures are not taken at the appropriate read more

Leasing and Termite Control Inspections

Concerns about pests, such as cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, rats and termites are there in almost every home. Therefore, there is a constant need for inspections and eradication measures for effective pest and termite control in Brisbane. When this is concerned with rental read more

Hire Professionals for Pest Inspections

In this tough economic environment when most individuals are looking for ways and means to save expenses, hiring commercial pest inspection and termite control companies in Brisbane seems like an extravagant choice. Many people prefer to buy off-the-shelf products read more

Tips to Get Rid of Termites

Termites are tiny creatures that attract wood and wooden substances. Since a lot of things in the house and the building structure are made from wood, having termites in the home can be source of serious concern for home owners. They are generally present in great number in read more

Highly Effective Tips to Get Rid of Weevils

Weevils are also commonly known as flour moths or pantry moths. These are small creatures; about 6 mm long and are commonly found in grains. However, they might also be present in biscuits, cereals, pet food and many other dried food items. They make their way inside homes through read more

Got Termites? Call in Detection Dogs

Termite control is an issue faced by many home owners and they are continuously looking for effective ways to deal with the situation. Termites are tiny creatures that are often not found in hidden areas. Before their presence is detected, a lot of damage is already done read more

Prevent Your Home From Termite Infestation

Termites, mostly referred as white ants, can be a real nuisance for home owners. These are commonly found in many parts of Australia and need to be prevented from entering homes as they can cause serious damage to many parts of the building structure as well as other items in read more

Summer is Approaching. Protect your Home from Pests.

While currently we are all trying to keep warm, before we know it summer will be creeping in upon us. When we think of summer it often brings to mind thoughts of family, the beach, barbecues and holidays. However with summer come some things that are not quite as pleasant to read more

Benefits of Professional Pest Control Services

It is not very uncommon to have pests, termites and rodents in homes. There are many different types of pests and each one poses some kind of threat either to the health of the residents, to the building structure, or both. It is, therefore, very important to inspect the presence read more

Tips and Tricks for Keeping the Roaches Away

Summer season is usually full of activity, and that also means more active rodents and insects. Cockroaches can be a major problem for home owners in the summer season. These medium-sized insects are found in almost every home, especially during the warmer months. These can read more

Give Your Home a Complete Inspection

Keeping the home properly maintained requires a lot of your time and effort. No matter how clean or beautiful the property is, it is going to face a number of maintenance issues sooner or later. For example, there might be an infestation of pests, or damages caused to the building read more

Regular Termite Inspections Keep Your House Free from Pests

Home maintenance is about a number of factors, such as keeping the house clean, preventing and fixing damages, and regular repairs. If these are not carried out at an appropriate time, these could lead to a lot of irreparable damage loss of property. Such loss is also possible read more

Top Tips for Keeping the Termites Away

Even though termites are very tiny creatures, they are known to cause millions of dollars worth of damage each year. The cost associated with eliminating these from homes depends largely on how long they have been present and the extent of damage caused by them. Home owners read more

Tips for Getting Rid of Fleas

Having blood sucking fleas in the house or flea eggs lying on your floor waiting to hatch can be a nightmare. Fleas are a common problem in many households and yet, not many people know how to deal with flea infestation in homes. There are several measures that can be taken read more

German Cockroaches – Waiting for you at home?

You no doubt realise the importance of having a pest inspection carried out before you buy a new property but have you ever considered the importance of these being carried out annually. You may keep your home clean and spotless but you could still end up with an insect problem read more

Save Money on your Pest Control Before you Move in

We are often looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to buying a new house. It may be tempting to cut corners when it comes to pre-purchase inspections but doing so is definitely a case of being penny-wise and pound foolish. You could end up losing a lot of read more

Termite Inspectors – What to Expect

Having a house crawling with insects is never a great experience but, when it comes to destructive pests, termites have to rate amongst the most destructive. They are very industrious insects and can cause a great deal of damage to your home. If left for too long, they will read more

Essential Autumn Checks for your Home

With the cooler months starting to roll in, it can be easy to start to let simple house maintenance and pest inspections slide a little bit. After all, we see a lot less activity in general from pests during winter. Just because you can no longer see them though, does not mean read more

Deal with Pest Infestations

The difference between a good pest control service and an average one is that the good one will make sure that your home is protected against re-infestation. It is thus important to find a good pest control service and to have pest inspection at least once a year. Should an read more

Keep your New Home Safe

When building your dream home, there are a number of factors that come to the fore. You probably chose the location very carefully – how safe the suburb is, whether it is near to amenities, etc. The last thing on your mind is likely to be the possibility of pest infestation. read more

The Bee’s Knees

Pest control is not as simple as it sounds at times – especially when it comes to insects that swarm such as wasps and bees. Although wasps and bees tend to be more of a nuisance than a danger, it is still vital for them to be eradicated. Wasp stings can be pretty painful read more

Protecting your Home

For all homeowners, the idea of their homes being overrun by pests is a particularly scary one. The problem is that various pests, once established, can be difficult to eradicate completely. This, in turn, can cause problems for you and your family. For a FREE Quote, call us read more

Avoid Sharing Your Home With Spiders

Even if you're not one of those people who shrieks in horror upon spotting a spider, you'd probably rather not live with one - or many - of them in your home. When you set about purchasing a new home, you'll undoubtedly have it closely looked over by a reputable building inspector; read more

The Dangers of Timber Pests

According to research by State Forestry, 1 in 3 homes will have some form of timber pest damage. That is quite a scary stat – what it means, in principle, is that you or at least one of your colleagues could have timber pests in the home right now. What’s so Bad read more

Getting Rid of a Hive

We all know that bees are an important part of the pollination chain but that doesn’t mean that we want them setting up homes in our gardens. You need to deal with them in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. What Kind of Nest is It? The first step is to identify read more

Get Tough on Pests

You can detect the presence of critters in your home if you know where to look. The problem is that it can take some time before you realise that those critters have caused damage to your home. The one sure way to determine if you have a pest problem is by hiring a professional read more

Eradicating Silverfish Infestation

Silverfish are wingless insects that appear silvery in colour because their bodies are covered with fine scales. Their bodies are flattened and narrow gradually to the rear like a fish, thus the common names "silverfish" or "fish moths". Adults have two long antennae and three read more

Ensure Your Home is Protected and Pest Free

Termites! They can ruin a beautiful timber home quicker than you can build it. Such is the incredible force of these tiny insects if they are left to their own happy devices. As its name suggests, a colony of the destructive subterranean termites usually resides underground read more

Different Types of Termites

Australian homes are susceptible to termite attacks. In fact, it is expected that every home will one day be attacked by termites and it is just a matter of time before they experience such a problem. To protect your home from problems caused by termites, you will need a good read more

The Benefits of Professional Pest Control Services

When it comes to protecting your investment and making your home an enjoyable place to live in, keeping pests at bay is one of the most important steps to take. However, managing pests on your own is no easy task, which is why it is necessary to let pest control professionals read more

Pest Control in Rentals: Whose Responsibility Is It?

When it comes to rentals, the responsibility of maintaining a property’s pest control is often a concern for both landlords and tenants. Both parties should understand their responsibilities as pest control is a significant step in ensuring the sanitation of a dwelling. The read more

What You Need To Know About Pest Control Technicians

Although do-it-yourself pest control can be done with the use of pest treatments from your local hardware store, this still isn’t as effective as having your property inspected by qualified technicians. At Defence Pest Management, we have an excellent team of licensed read more

Cockroaches And Their Danger To Your Health

Cockroaches are among the most common household pests in Australia. Every day at Defence Pest Management, our technicians work together with numerous clients in treating cockroach infestations in their homes. Depending on the season and environmental conditions, various species read more

Rodents That Invade Your Home

Next to termites and other wood-boring pests, rodents are among the most destructive pests in the country. Among the clients we have worked with at Defence Pest Management, in Brisbane alone, a significant number of complaints are about rodent infestations, which can occur almost read more

Dealing with Norway Rats

One of the most dangerous pests that could infest your home or business is the Norway rat. This rodent is considered to be the largest of the pest species, weighing around half of a kilogram as it reaches adulthood. This pest is a good climber and swimmer, so you can expect read more

What You Need To Know About Structural Fumigation

When it comes to eliminating pests, Defence Pest Management uses a diverse range of pest control solutions. Depending on the type of pests and degree of infestation, we can help you eradicate pests with the use of chemical barriers, baiting and liquid termiticides. For properties read more

Understanding Structural Fumigation

When dealing with pest infestations in a property, the use of termiticides, physical and chemical barrier systems and baiting methods are a commonly effective way to get rid of pests. There are instances, however, when pests are hidden within walls and other areas that cannot read more

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