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Pest management is not about merely spraying pest solution in the residential premises. It involves a comprehensive, systematic approach that involves implementing pest prevention, continuous monitoring, baiting and regular thorough inspections.

If you are simply putting a few traps here and there and are really not acting until the pest problem is full blown, then you will likely see the a major pest infestation get worse and worse. When that happens, you will have to adopt a major pest control measure to deal with the pests and you will likely have to deal with major repairs for damaged structures.

By hiring Defence Pest Management (DPM), you will get the benefit of a pro-active approach in dealing with pests. You will also get to prevent pest problems from escalating.

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Key Services for Pest Control in Brisbane:

DPM distinguishes itself from other pest control companies in Brisbane by offering a complete and comprehensive pest management solution to its clients. This means that the service you get includes prevention techniques and not just treatment for obvious pest problems.

Nasty pests may have made Brisbane their home, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them inside your home or your business. Let DPM devise the appropriate pest management technique and solutions to make your home and office pest-free.

Our integrated pest management service will search and destroy all types of pests invading your premises in the safest and most effective manner. Trust DPM to eradicate persistent and damaging pests, including termites, rats, cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, carpet beetles and many more.

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